About Us

My name is Mike Holland and I invented the Inline Hitch Guide because I needed it. As a contractor in Missoula, MT I hook up to my trailer daily. I have used trailers for years and quite often, with the amount of errands I run, I end up hooking up alone. Backing into it daily some may think I would be able to do it in one try and with no help, sorry but the bumper on my truck would tell you otherwise.

I know the pain caused when you’re constantly backing into your trailer and always being just a inches off. It was frustrating and embarrassing. So I Invented, created and brought to Market the WingMan Inline Hitch Guide. Immediately my problems were solved, just as I hope the WingMan HG will solve yours too.

There are other products out there that will complete a similar task, but none with the convenience and reliability of the WingMan Inline hitch guide. Similar products on the market today are there only to be used when you are putting the trailer on, then you have to remove the guide, find a place to store it and hope it’s around the next time you need it. The WingMan inline hitch guide never has to be removed and stays out of the way. On top of those great features it is constructed of solid iron, professionally manufactured here in good old USA.

No longer do you have to waste time having someone guide you back or missing your mark and having to move multiple times to hit the target. Never again will you search for your guide in the back of your truck, the WingMan inline hitch guide will always be there when you need it. No hassles, no problems. The WingMan hitch guide is designed to do the work for you, save time and alleviate the pain in the neck of a loner hookup.


The Holland Family